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New Gen2 Action pumps!

Bob’s Machine Creates New and Improved Gen2 Action Series Pump!

Tampa, FL – July 27th, 2022 – If you’re trying to get to the honey hole quicker than the competition, check out Bob’s Machine’s new patented Gen2 Action Series jack plate pump.

Assembled in our Tampa, FL factory, this pump features a larger valve body, larger orifices, longer-lasting seals and improved valving to get your large outboard up and down, even under full throttle application, including during hole shot!

The Gen2 Action Series pump, with it’s unique blue cylinder shaft seal, is an all-inclusive electro-hydraulic actuator designed to be faster, stronger and have greater pressure than the previous version.

“With outboard engines getting larger and more powerful, we wanted to improve our already great product to stay at the top of the jack plate industry,” says Bob’s Machine’s Steven Pelini. What’s more, the Gen2 Action Series pump comes with a 5-year warranty.

To get your hands on a new Jack plate factory equipped with the Gen2 Action Series pump, contact Bob’s Machine at (813) 247-7040, or at

 About Bob’s Machine:

Since 1978, Bob’s Machine has brought innovation to the jack plate market. All of their products are Made in the USA, right in their Tampa, FL factory, where Bob’s Machine continues to invest in American workers and companies to manufacture the best products possible. More information is available at