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Our Mission

Jack Plates are our business.

Since 1978, Bob's Machine has brought innovation to the jack plate market.  The first jack plates rated to 300hp, the first to offer multiple setbacks. The first to offer color options. At Bob's, jack plates aren't just one of our lines of products. They are our main line.

We want nothing more than the best boating experience possible.

We are always updating our technology and jacks. We have added new CNC mills with new technology. New 3d modeling programing. New powder coating and hydrographics facilities. These all keep us ahead of the game and not limited to outsourcing like other companies.

Our Team

We’re committed to keeping jack plates made in the USA.

We have a range of in house engineers, 3d modeling computer experts, talented machinists, and a hard working staff.  Keeping all of our jobs in house leads to better products, and keeping everything in the USA!

Our Factory

We continue to add more to our factory all the time.  From building a new powder coating and hydrographics building on our property, to adding more CNC mills.  We utilize new technology to the fullest, not only in our machines, but our engineering computers and software.  When you buy a Bob's product you can be assured it was designed, developed, manufactured and tested in the highest standards possible today!

Long-Term Business

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your jack plates and outboard accessory needs.

Whether you are an OEM boat builder or just a weekend fisherman, our customer service and tech staff will work as hard as possible to get you setup right!

On top of our employees being exceptional workers, we are a company of boaters.  We have members fishing local clubs, we have licensed charter captains, speed junkies and tournament anglers.  We love working in this industry and will make sure you enjoy your time on the water with our products.