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Hollowell Teams Up with Bob’s Machine Shop

January 5, 2017

Hollowell Teams Up with Bob’s Machine Shop


Industry leader Bob’s Machine Shop announced their partnership this week with Todd Hollowell, 6th-year FLW Tour Pro from Indianapolis, IN.

Hollowell said, “Having the Bob’s Action Series jack plate on my boat in 2017 is a huge advantage that will allow me to get in and out of shallow water with ease, along with improving the performance of my boat.  I’m also looking forward to using Bob’s new products, like The Big D trolling motor handle and Deck Plugs.  Tournament anglers also have the opportunity to earn additional money through Bob’s Tournament Rewards Program, which makes the decision to run a Bob’s jack plate a no-brainer. ”

Bob’s Machine Shop Representative said, “***************************************”

Bob’s Machine Shop, founded in 1978, manufacturers all of their products in-house with their own machinery and is headquartered in Tampa, FL.  For more information on Bob’s Tournament Rewards Program, visit




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FLW Veteran Bill McDonald Partners with Bob’s Machine Shop


FLW Veteran Bill McDonald Partners with Bob’s Machine Shop

TAMPA, Fla.— FLW veteran Bill McDonald has partnered with Bob’s Machine Shop to get an edge on the upcoming Walmart FLW Tour season. McDonald will take to FLW’s premier tournament trail this year with a custom, carbon fiber-coated Bob’s Machine Shop jack plate onboard his Ranger.

“It’s going to allow me to get up in shallower water and get on plane a whole lot quicker this year,” says McDonald, a 20-year tournament fisherman and 18-time FLW Top 10 finisher. “Our first tournament is at Lake Guntersville, and the entire circuit this year has a lot of shallow water. Being primarily a shallow water guy, I’m going to have an advantage at every event.”

For Bob’s, the addition of Pelini bolsters an expanding pro staff presence that’s making renewed inroads in the bass fishing world after growing their name as one of the top brands in racing.

“Bob’s Machine is growing our bass fishing presence,” adds Bob’s Machine Shop V.P. of Sales Steve Pelini. “Bill’s reputation for supporting quality products and friendly outreach throughout FLW make him a great asset to our team!”

“We are extremely happy to add Bill McDonald to our pro staff lineup,” adds Pelini. “Bill will be running a 6” carbon fiber-coated Action Series Jack Plate, holding his 250HP Evinrude G2. He’s also adding our new Deck Plugs in carbon fiber and the new Bob’s ‘Big D’ trolling motor handle.”

The Action Series Jack Plate allows anglers to adjust trim under power—even at full speed—enabling quick adjustments to boat dynamics for varying water levels or water conditions. McDonald says he’s excited both about the performance of the new products, but also the ability to customize the look of each to match his carbon fiber pattern boat wrap.

He also notes the partnership with Bob’s Machine is the perfect compliment to his existing work with Lucas Oil. “Everything we test, we test through the racing world,” McDonald says. “You can guarantee that if it works there, it’s going to work for me. Bob’s Machine Shop has an excellent reputation in racing. They make a quality product, right here in the U.S.A. It’s an outstanding jack plate to say the least.”

McDonald returns to Bob’s Machine after starting his pro fishing career behind the helm of a Ranger fitted with the Tampa-based company’s jack plate in the early 1990s. “My first plate was with them,” he says. “And I’m really excited to be back with them.”

Bill MacDonald is a 9-year FLW veteran who has competed at virtually every level of professional bass fishing, look for him on the Walmart FLW Tour this season. Bob’s Machine Shop has been building custom jack plates in Tampa, Florida since 1978. For more information, visit


Media Contact:

Steve Pelini

PH: 813-247-7040

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Tacoronte Launches into Bassmaster Elites with Power-pole, Bob’s Machine, Blazer Boats


Tacoronte Launches into Bassmaster Elites with Power-pole, Bob’s Machine, Blazer Boats

ORLANDO, Fl.— A new threat is bursting into the Bassmaster Elite Series field in 2017. Hailing from Florida, with a history on the West Coast, Jesse Tacoronte has won nearly every major championship in bass fishing. Now, he’s got his eyes set on the top spot in bass fishing’s most competitive field.

“I’m humbled to be able to fish against the caliber of fishermen that are in the Elites,” Tacoronte says.

Tacoronte, who qualified for the 2017 Bassmaster Elite Series through the Opens, throws his name into a field stacked with legendary names like Clunn, Van Dam and Martens. And he joins the Elite Series at a time when some of the sport’s up-and-coming anglers are blazing their own trails straight to the top. “Nobody is a slacker in there,” he says. “Nobody. I’ve been to the All-American, I’ve been to the Tournament of Champions. Those are competitive fields, but at the end of the day, this year’s Elite Series is the toughest field in history of fishing, period.”

In such a highly contested field, finding even the slightest edge can make a difference. To help him find one, he’s partnered with three sponsors in his inaugural season in the Elites— Power-pole, Bob’s Machine Shop, Blazer Boats.

“The Blazer 625 is the only boat of its kind in the field,” he says. “They’ve made a bunch of changes to it for 2017 like a larger casting platform that gives you more of a flipping deck. The front deck is a foot wider, there’s an awesome day box right up front and, let me tell you, that boat is fast.

“We haven’t had anyone bass fishing on that level in a while,” says Blazer Boats owner Keith Craft. “We met Jesse through Joe Clements at Toho Marine, and we’ve added some stuff that he specifically asked for in a boat. It’s already a fast boat—we’re talking high 70’s, 80 miles per hour with a 250 on it—I think he’s going to do great in the 625. Jesse’s a high-level, quality fisherman.”

To harness all that speed, Tacoronte paired the Blazer with a custom jack plate from Bob’s Machine Shop. “I got to tell you, in my mind Bob’s has the absolute best hydraulic jack plate on the market period. It’s the fastest under power, and I can ride skinny water or five foot waves, changing the dynamics of the boat as the water changes.”

“He’s using our Action Series jack plate with a carbon fiber coating,” adds Bob’s Machine V.P. of Sales Steve Pelini. “It’s the fastest jack plate on the market, and it’ll go up and down at full speed without any problem, so he can get up into the shallows quickly. We’ve been building jack plates in Tampa, Florida since 1978, and we’re thrilled to be working with someone like Jesse who understands Florida fishing and supports Florida manufacturers like us.”

Tacoronte is pairing his new-to-the-Elites ride with some of the most potent fishing tools on the planet thanks to Bob’s and fellow sponsor Power-Pole. “I can’t even imagine having a boat without Power-poles anymore. In 2012, when I got my very first set, I bet it helped me win at least another six or seven tournaments. In Florida, in particular, they are so silent and so secure that you can literally switch off your electronics and you can act as if you are not there. Not only that, but when you dock your boat, when you’re loading and unloading by yourself, they’re invaluable. Power-poles have become like my right arm, and I can’t wait to take them out with me in the Elites.”

For Tacoronte, fishing the Elite Series is a dream come true, but, he warns, it’s not a fantasy. “It’s a business,” he says. “This isn’t a fantasy. I’m treating this like a business and going after it with everything I’ve got. I want to win tournaments and build new relationships going forward, and I can’t thank Power-pole, Bob’s Machine Shop and Blazer Boats enough for believing in me from the beginning.”

The Bassmaster Elite Series opens at Tennessee’s Lake Cherokee Feb. 9-12, 2017.


Media Contact:

Jesse Tacoronte

(407) 401-2663