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COVID-19 Update

Edit : Update : March 24th.

Florida is still operating as usual at this time. We have added many additional cleaning & disinfecting operations to protect both our workers and our customers. As noted in our original message below, we are currently closed to the public and only shipping orders. We are all hoping this pandemic ends as soon as possible! Be safe and thank you!

Mar 16th :

We received many question concerning Covid-19/Corona:

We are producing, and we will be producing the whole season through!
We have changed for critical parts from just-in-time to traditional storage, to ensure continuous production, also in the coming months.

We do not have a single Corona case in the company. We would like to keep it this way as long as it is possible. Please understand that we therefore need to protect our employees & production.

We would like to inform you, until further notice, we will not allow any external visitors entering the production facility in Tampa Florida. This is to protect our workers and ensure an ongoing production. This includes all Suppliers, Customers as well as Dealers.

The delivery process is still the same: Our warehouse is 100% operational and as mentioned production is running accordingly.

Don’t forget a boat is a great place to spend an amazing holiday, remote and even in isolation if you like to.

Thank you for your kind understanding & lets all pray that this pandemic ends swiftly!