Power pole Pro Series 2 6 & 8 foot


Power pole Pro Series 2 6 & 8 foot

Power pole size:


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It will quickly become your best fishing buddy. That school of fish you’re chasing has millions of years of evolutionary instincts to help keep them safe. The slightest noise or any other mistake will send them scattering and leave you with sick feeling in your stomach. When it has to be right, count on the Pro II, the shallow water anchor that was designed from the ground up to offer swift, silent and secure anchoring. Engineered to meet the needs of the most seasoned angling professional, the Pro II doesn’t just stand up to abuse in the harshest fishing conditions – it asks for more.

6 and 8 foot models

Very fast deployment

Very quiet pump

Includes wireless remote


Free phone app

Dual system ready

Powder coated finish

Shipping dimensions & weights

Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 16 × 9 in


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