Power Reed Valves for Outboard engines


Power reed valves for outboard engines

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REVOLUTIONARY PERFORMANCE Boyesen’s patented dual-stage design incorporates a specially shaped top reed and a ported bottom reed. The top reed is lightweight and resilient for crisp throttle response at partial throttle or low RPMs. The stiffer, bottom reed is ported to provide maximum flow and horsepower at higher RPMs. More valves equals more power by creating:

More Air Flow. The dual-stage design allows you to replace your stock reed stop with a Rev-Plate which permits the reeds to open freely and function efficiently.

More Air Velocity. The multi-port feature of the bottom reed creates more channels for the charge, delivering increased velocity to the intake ports.

More Overall Power. Dual-stage reeds work in unison to perform efficiently throughout the entire powerband. The difference in stiffness between the top reed and the bottom reed allow the reeds to respond quickly and accurately to changes in engine pressure. This translates into quicker acceleration, crisper throttle response and increased horsepower throughout the powerband.

“I installed a set of your reeds in my son’s Yamaha outboard. The results were very good, no doubt, withe quicker time to plane, higher top speed and much improved starting. The Boyesen reeds were well worth installing, no question about it and you don’t need a dyno to tell the difference.” – Gary A. Volvo Construction Equipement N. America


  • FASTER STARTS: No more sitting and cranking cranking when engine is cold or hot

  • SMOOTHER IDLE: No more coughing, sputtering and dying.

  • Blazing acceleration for that all-important holeshot.

  • More horsepower throughout the powerband for guaranteed performance.

  • Smoother Trolling: Troll down to a heartbeat with the controll of Boyesen Power Reeds

  • Improved engine efficiency and fuel economy. Up to a 10% increase

  • Longer Service life – Boyesen Power Reeds outlast all other aftermarket reeds.


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