Motor Mount Set: Yamaha SHO 2010+ 4.2L


Yamaha SHO 4.2L Solid motor mounts



Bob’s fixed motor mounts have the rigidity you need to assure precise steering at high speeds. They eliminate propeller fishtailing permitted by flexible mounts. Even so-called “High performance” pinned or hard rubber mounts aren’t as rigid as you deserve for high-speed handling ease and safety, so don’t settle for less than Fixed Motor Mounts. They’re like trading in sloppy linkage and getting rack and pinion steering in return. Your boat will steer more reliably throughout its entire speed range in both the smoothest and the roughest water. The hull’s more consistent relationship to the water enables you to run safely at higher speeds than possible with conventional “rubber band” mounts. Fix your steering now with Bob’s Fixed Motor Mounts! Each set contains 2-upper and 2-lower mounts.

Fits all 2010+ Yamaha SHO – 200, 225, 250HP  4.2L

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in
Motor Mount Options

Uppers, Lowers, Both


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