Wireless Jack Plate Control Switch
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Wireless Jack Plate Control Switch

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To optimize speed, performance and handling, jackplates are used on most flats, bay, bass and high performance boats. A new wireless remote from Bob's Machine Shop allows owners to adjust the jack's height easily with a key fob from anywhere—on or off the boat.

The wireless control is ideal during docking or trailering when there is limited access to the jack's dash-mounted switch.

It also allows anglers to raise the main engine remotely from the bow when trolling. Anglers with towers can conveniently operate their jackplates remotely from any position with the key fob.

The wireless control has three components: a waterproof key fob transmitter; a small receiver that mounts next to the jack's hydraulic pump; and the necessary cables for connecting the receiver to the jack's existing wiring harness. The wireless control kit is compatible with all BMS jackplates and works independently from the boat's normal dash-mounted switch. It is available as a retrofit kit or as an option with new jacks.

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