True Tracker Stabilizer Plate : 25-40HP
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True Tracker Stabilizer Plate : 25-40HP

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  • Item #: 402-070000
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**Call for smaller motors**


Smaller, all billet (not cast) unit for the smallest gear cases. For engines between 25HP and 40HP, give us a call and we can tell you what model is right for you. 1-855-JACKPLATE

This new design of an already proven product gives all the advantages of the broad tail stabilizer plate, quicker hole shot, keeps boat on plane at lower speeds, increases top speed on most boats, smooth out ride, & helps stop porposing.

For OMC motors with a pointed cavitation plate: #402-100000
For all motors with a straight cavitation plate 90 HP and up: #402-000000
For all motors with a straight cavitation plate 40 - 70 HP: #402-050000
For all motors with a straight cavitation plate 25 HP and lower: #402-070000
For Mercury 3.0 liter with a straight cavitation plate: #402-060000

Kevin: Status report...
Installed the stabilizer plate on the 60 Bigfoot and it works perfect... great improvement out of the hole; couple of mph better cruising speed. I couldn't be more pleased with it. Boat rides better at a higher setting on your jackplate, took the porpoising right out of it at higher rpm. I talked to several people who have used your products and they all said "You'll like it!"... and I do. Thank you for your patience and advice.

Bruce O., Marco Island


  • Boat has more stern lift
  • Much less Torque in steering wheel
  • Flat bottom boats steer better (less sliding)
  • Most important, boat steers easier at low speeds with less correction of steering wheel (stops boat from wondering at low speeds)
  • Available for most engines 25 HP and up.
  • Not recommended with Offshore applications


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