Transom Spacers 5/8" to 2"
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Transom Spacers 5/8" to 2"

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These spacers are made out of strong aluminum alloy and machined flat on both sides. Adding these spacers is the simplest way of getting that extra couple m.p.h.. These spacers go between the transom and the engine's mounting bracket or they can also be installed between the jack plate and engine.

The 2" Spacer kit comes complete with stainless steel bolts & nuts.  The others are small enough that regular bolts can be used.  If you think you need longer bolts, please give us a call and we can make a custom bolt kit for your needs.

By applying the set back spacers to the transom, you are moving the center of gravity of the hull further back. By doing this you are rebalancing the boat which allows the hull to remain at its present attitude with less trim. Therefore, you have more power to push the boat forward rather than to hold the bow up.

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