Reversible Transom Wedges 5 degree
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Reversible Transom Wedges 5 degree

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  • Item #: 319-200000
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Bob's Reversible wedges for either positive or negative trim.  Machined billet units with Bob's Machine Shop engraved into them.  Look great, and will never crack.

Sold as a pair (for 1 engine)

Black Powder Coated is an option.

Offering 5 degrees of either negative or positive trim.  Most cases they are used to provide negative trim, for when your bow will not come down enough due to the angle of the motor (transom is built without enough of a negative angle).  This is a quick, cheap and effective fix!

3" is width

14" total length

Will need bolts that are 1.5" longer for 'thicker side of wedge', and 0.25 longer for 'thin side of wedge'.


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