New larger solenoid Retro-fit kit with Wiring harness.
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New larger solenoid Retro-fit kit with Wiring harness.

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  • Item #: 120-150003
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Same as PN : 120-150004 but with standard length (16' switch wire, 4' power wire) already attached.  If you want to replace old worn out wires at same time as solenoids, get this kit VS the 120-150004


Upgrade your exsiting Bob's Machine Shop jack plate pump to the new style with larger more dependable solenoids.  They are more robust, and feature a self cleaning wiper that clear carbon scoring off after each use.  This prevents getting the "Clicking" sound that a Mercrusier style solenoid has after too much carbon build up prevent a solid connection.  They are also able to handle higher amperage better than old style solenoids, as the weights of new motors draws harder on the pump and in turn the solenoid.

Don't replace your whole pump if not needed, just install this retrofit kit!

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