McGard Outboard Motor Locks
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McGard Outboard Motor Locks

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The Finest Marine Security Fastener Program Available

McGard offers the most complete Marine Security Fastener Program in the industry. For over 25 years we have been the leading manufacturer of automotive wheel locks and lug nuts. This same expertise is reflected in our marine products and programs. McGard's state-of-the-art design, engineering and manufacturing enable us to produce the highest quality products for the best possible price. That combined with our contemporary packaging and factory-direct customer service makes us the obvious choice for you - and your customers. You won't find a better value anywhere. Whether it's theft protection for stern drives, outboard motors, propellers or trailer wheels, McGard has it.


Outboard Motor Locks

Theft Protection for Outboard Motors.

McGuard outboard motor locks are designed to lock the bolt that holds the outboard motor onto the boat's transom. Simply replace one of the mounting nuts with a McGuard locking nut. McGuard outboard motor locks are identical in quality and construction to our stern drive locks. A free-spinning collar turns if attacked by gripping tools, protecting against costly outboard motor theft.

Pick the right model from the drop down for your needs. 


McGard 74036 Marine Single Outboard Motor Lock Set (1/2in.-20 Thread Size) - Mercury - Set of 1


McGard 74037 Marine Single Outboard Motor Lock Set (M12x1.25 Thread Size) - Yamaha/Honda - Set of 1


McGard 74038 Marine Single Outboard Motor Lock Set (1/2in.-13 Thread Size) - Johnson/Evinrude - Set of 1


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