Hydraulic Jack Plate Hose - Set of 2
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Hydraulic Jack Plate Hose - Set of 2

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  • Item #: 120-400xxx
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Replacement hose set for Bob's hydraulic Jack Plates.

2 hose set, Standard length is 7' set.  One is 7' other is 7.5', the longer is to attach to bottom fitting of jack plate cylinder.   All sets have 1 hose longer for this purpose.  If you require 2 hoses at same length, please view item "single hose" and order 2 units.  There are also more custom lengths on that item.

If you want Thruhull fittings added onto the hose, must be ordered with them, as they will not fit over the fitting on the hose.

If no hose length is selected, hoses will be sent as standard 7' set.

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