Fukken Euro style Spray wax - Carnauba! 17.5oz spray can
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Fukken Euro style Spray wax - Carnauba! 17.5oz spray can

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Here at Bob's we have used on everything from our boats, trailers, trucks/cars and motorcycles.  This stuff works and makes keeping our toys clean EASY! 

The Best Car Wax Products on the Market

  • Used by professional auto detailers
  • Uses high quality #14 yellow Carnauba car wax
  • A waterless car wash spray wax
  • Is the most effective aerosol spray car wax available
  • Best wax protection for all of the surfaces you need covered
  • car wax, truck wax, boat wax, motorcycle wax 

Waterless Formation Car Wax

  • Apply to: Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, Waverunners and More
  • Use on: Paint, Chrome, Glass and Plastic
  • Removes: Tar, Grime, Bugs, Tree Sap, Grease & More
  • How to use: Just spray it on, rub to a haze, and buff it out


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Get your 17.5 ounce can of the best car wash and wax on the planet!

ONLY $14.95 per can

The Top Rated Car Wax 

Fukkenwax is a revolutionary, waterless car cleaning wax that is used all over the world by car, truck, watercraft and motorcycle owners who know that having a Fukken Shine means heads will turn!

If you are looking for long-lasting shine and superior performance that’s hard to beat – then you have come to the right place! Professional auto detailers don't want you to know about this – the best Fukken car wax on the market. This is an aerosol spray car wax that is so effective – you have to see it in action to believe!!!

First, you need to start with the best ingredients to protect your car. Fukken Wax is the best protection for all of the surfaces you need covered. How, you ask? We take the highest quality #14 yellow Carnauba car waxand place it in an easy to use Aerosol can.

Regular maintenance, consistent washing, and a high quality top rated car wax is crucial to the upkeep of your ride. Simply by applying a coat of Fukken Wax to your vehicle, you will protect the surface and add years to the life of your car's paint – therefore, protecting the body of your car. And voila – from cars to boats to chrome doorknobs – we’ve got you covered.



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