Exhaust Housing - Mercury
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Exhaust Housing - Mercury

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Exhaust Housing - Mercury


Exhaust Housing designed for Outboards

Without modification to the engine, this simple, after-market add-on is designed to relieve back pressure on the engine, and results in more efficient low-end throttle response, a better tuned engine and increase fuel economy.

The unit comes complete with two removable plugs and four screws, so the casting can be installed on the back of your motor within a matter of minutes.

By removing two plugs the unit will allow exhaust which normally travels through the propeller to escape above the water line, and consequently this results in your engine breathing and performing better. Replace the plugs in the unit and exhaust will travel through the prop again.


Merc. #EH-M
O.M.C. #EH-O
Yamaha #EH-Y

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