Corrosion X
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Corrosion X

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Corrosion X


How does Corrosion X work?

Corrosion X penetrates corrosion cells, emulsifies the moisture, separates it from the metal, and stops electro-activity. Corrosion X leaves an ultra-thin atmosphere barrier to protect the metal from further damage. Long-lasting lubrication for lock, hinges, deck hardware, controls, bearings, pulleys, electric motors, hatches, windlasses, throttle cables, steering cables, starters, chain drives, fishing reels, downriggers and winches. Available in 12 oz. spray can. Also 4 oz. non-spray can.

  • Kills corrosion on contact
  • Prevents rust and corrosion from starting
  • Quickly penetrates and loosens seized parts
  • Long-lasting lubricating qualities
  • Protects electronic equipment from moisture

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