Bob's Machine - Oil Separators (Catch Cans)
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Bob's Machine - Oil Separators (Catch Cans)

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Keep HP robbing oil out of your intake with Bob's Machine's new oil seperators.

Full kit, includes bracket, hoses and all mounting hardware, as well as detailed instructions.

Cans are tapped with 3/8" NPT, so you can use your own fittings if ours aren't the right size.  We use 5/8" Barb, or AN10 fittings/hose which fit MOST new cars and trucks, but simply measure your stock fittings to confirm.

Developed to eliminate oil from entering your intake by engine blow-by, which channels oil contaminated air into your intake.

A key problem caused by oil in the intake is that it reduces the octane of your fuel and causes detonation especially in turbo, supercharger and nitrous applications.  Also larger amounts of blow by happen during towing, which further hurts your MPG.

Featuring a large chamber, and superior filtering media, this is the unit to have for your tow vehicle or performance engine.  Draining the fluid is easy with a valve in the bottom.

USA made, with metal fittings, this unit is built to last.


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